Nectaria V Xita

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The role of estrogen receptor alpha (ER alpha) and estrogen receptor beta (ER beta) gene polymorphisms on semen quality is the aim of our study. One hundred fourteen men were examined in the In Vitro Fertilization Unit of Ioannina Medical School, and it was found that 85 men had normal sperm count and 29 were oligozoospermic. The genotype analysis, on DNA(More)
OBJECTIVE The vascular protective effects of estrogens are mediated by their binding to the two known estrogen receptors. In this study, we examine the association of stroke with two common polymorphisms of the ESR1 gene in patients with metabolic syndrome. MATERIALS AND METHODS DNA from 130 patients hospitalized for ischemic stroke and 240 healthy(More)
Several hormonal and metabolic factors have been found to influence the production of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). In addition, twin studies have suggested that genetic factors may also contribute to variation in SHBG levels. Given the clinical significance of SHBG in regulating bioavailable sex steroid hormones, a number of studies examined the(More)
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