Necibe Tuncer

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The convergence properties of q-Bernstein polynomials are investigated. When q 1 is fixed the generalized Bernstein polynomials B n f of f , a one parameter family of Bernstein polynomials, converge to f as n → ∞ if f is a polynomial. It is proved that, if the parameter 0 < q < 1 is fixed, then B n f → f if and only if f is linear. The iterates of B n f are(More)
This chapter introduces an avian influenza model which includes the dynamics of low pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI) and high pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI). The model structures the LPAI-recovered individuals by time-since-recovery and involves the cross-immunity that LPAI infection generates toward the HPAI. Reproduction numbers (R Lw 0 , R Hw 0) and(More)
This article introduces a two-strain spatially explicit SIS epidemic model with space-dependent transmission parameters. We define reproduction numbers of the two strains, and show that the disease-free equilibrium will be globally stable if both reproduction numbers are below one. We also introduce the invasion numbers of the two strains which determine(More)
The authors developed and analyzed a new method for an exact discretization of the spheroidal domains and for a construction of finite element spaces on such domains. Such method is based on a radial projection mapping defined on the ball into the cube in any space dimensions. The new method is applied on the Laplace–Beltrami equation and an eigenvalue(More)
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