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A capillary gas chromatographic method for plasma oxalate and an isotope dilution mass spectrometric reference method, both using the same tert.-butyldimethylsilyl derivatives, are described. Similar reference ranges for both were found (4.93 +/- 1.48 and 4.70 +/- 1.44 mumol/l, respectively), together with a close correlation for results covering a wide(More)
We tested the possibility that the buffering agents in dialysis bath fluid might contribute to increased endogenous oxalate production in dialyzed patients. Using stable isotope dilution mass spectrometry, we obtained oxalate production rates and pool sizes directly for 10 patients in chronic renal failure, 5 of whom were undergoing continuous ambulatory(More)
This paper focuses on methods for costing and funding hospital pathology services, and their relevance for government cost-control goals. Cost is an elusive, socially constructed phenomenon. As such it is context dependent and can be defined in different ways for different purposes. Misunderstanding of the contexts and purposes creates confusion and leads(More)
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