Nechama Stein

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OBJECTIVES To establish the lifetime prevalence rates of suicide ideations, plans and attempts, and to identify the conditional risks of suicide attempts following the prior onset of suicide ideation or planning. METHOD A representative sample extracted from the National Population Register of non-institutionalized residents, aged 21 or older, were(More)
OBJECTIVE The Israel Survey of Mental Health among Adolescents (ISMEHA) aimed to ascertain the prevalence of selected mental disorders and patterns of comorbidity, service utilization and unmet needs, health and sociodemographic covariates, and risk and protective factors. This paper reviews the methods used and discusses the strengths and limitations of(More)
An analysis of all emergency department admissions in Israel classified as an attempted suicide in the years 1996-2002 was done to examine attempted suicide rates by age and gender with particular attention to adolescents and young adults. Gender differences in attempted suicide rates were significant only during adolescence and young adulthood, ages 13 to(More)
BACKGROUND Persons affected by severe mental disorders have a higher mortality risk than the general population. OBJECTIVES To investigate the overall mortality and selected natural and external causes of death by age, gender and mental health-related variables among persons who were ever admitted to psychiatric inpatient services. METHODS This cohort(More)
BACKGROUND Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is a diagnosis of exclusion that may be assigned only after investigations including a forensic autopsy are performed to exclude possible organic and environmental causes of death. Israeli society is influenced by the Jewish and Islamic faiths, which permit autopsy only under selected circumstances. Against(More)
The effects of pending litigation for compensation on treatment outcomes of patients with chronic low back pain, were assessed. The 81 patients with chronic low back pain who participated in a six-week behavioral treatment program organized around the theme of self-control, were differentiated according to whether there were unsettled legal claims for(More)
Studied the relationships between depth of depression, anaclitic and introjective depressive experiences, and dimensions of illness behavior in 37 chronic pain patients. Depth of depression and degree of introjective depressive experiences showed similar positive covariation with a broad range of illness behavior: Namely, hypochondriasis, disease(More)
The relation between aspects of depression and the wish to be held was studied in 72 male and 57 female college students. Females reported higher levels of depressive experiences associated with issues of dependency as well as more intense wishes to be held. In both sexes the intensity of the wish to be held was related to dependency; however, it was the(More)
Purpose Spirituality plays an important role for many people. In particular, its crucial role among people at the end-oflife (EoL) has been recognized. Currently one out of 4 deaths in the US is a veteran. The study of spirituality among veterans who are at the EoL is therefore urgently needed. The objectives of this study are to understand the spiritual(More)