Nechama Silberman

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A twenty-one year old female with previously unsuspected neurofibromatosis presented for evaluation of a blind painful eye. Histopathologic examination of the enucleated specimen revealed choroidal thickening with ovoid bodies and proliferation of connective tissue with pigment-containing cells and ganglion-like cells. Electron microscopic study of the(More)
The distribution of tritium atoms in some labeled steroids has been determined by tritium nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. In addition, the distribution of molecular types (mono vs. polytritiated) and nuclear Overhauser enhancements have been determined. As near maximal NOE's were observed, quantitative distribution information was derived from NOE(More)
Many American and European investigators have reported that hemispatial neglect is more frequent and more severe after right than left hemisphere lesions. This hemispheric asymmetry may be due to biological asymmetries, learned behavior, or both. Readers of European languages, unlike readers of Semitic languages, scan from left to right. Learned rightward(More)
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