Necdet Catalbas

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We aimed to determine the frequency of fibromyalgia syndrome (FM) in operated breast cancer patients and to research the relationship between FM and the severity of fatigue and quality of life in these breast cancer patients. The demographic data of 101 operated breast cancer patients were recorded. The patients who had pain were then classified as having(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study is to examine the obstacles in people with traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI) face performing intermittent catheterization (IC), also their worries and level of satisfaction. METHODS Two hundred sixty-nine patients performing IC for at least 3 months were asked to fill-out a questionnaire about their opinions on IC. (More)
The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship of postural stability and sleep disorders in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome. Frequency of falls in the last 6 months in 48 fibromyalgia and 32 control subjects were recorded. Postural stability was assessed by static posturography device (Tetrax, Sunlight Medical Ltd., Israel). Functional(More)
STUDY DESIGN Multi-center, cross-sectional study. OBJECTIVES Our aim was to evaluate the treatment methods and follow-up of neurogenic bladder in patients with traumatic spinal cord injury retrospectively using a questionnaire. SETTING Turkey. METHODS Three hundred and thirty-seven patients who had spinal cord injury for at least 2 years were enrolled(More)
We would like to thank Tanriverdi and Kaskari for their interest in our study regarding the frequency of fibromyalgia syndrome in breast cancer patients which was accepted for publication in International Journal of Clinical Oncology. We think that the letter of Tanriverdi and Kaskari consists of the subjects which we mentioned in our manuscript as(More)
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