Nebiye Kizil

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A method for separation-preconcentration of Cu(II) and Pb(III) ions by membrane filtration has been presented. The analyte ions were collected on acetate membrane filter as their 1-2-pyridylazo 2-naphthol (PAN) complexes. The analytes were determined by flame atomic absorption spectrometry. The analytical parameters including pH, eluent type, sample volume,(More)
A procedure is described for the determination of trace amounts of Cd(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), Pb(II), Fe(III), Co(II), and Mn(II) that combines flame atomic absorption spectrometry with neodymium hydroxide coprecipitation. The influences of analytical parameters (amount of neodymium, pH of the model solutions, etc.) that affect quantitative recoveries of the(More)
A preconcentration/separation system for cadmium(II), nickel(II), copper(II), lead(II), iron(II), cobalt(II), and manganese(II) ions has been established prior to their atomic absorption spectrometric determinations. The procedure is based on the co-precipitation of these ions by the aid of a praseodymium hydroxide (Pr(OH)3) precipitate. The precipitate was(More)
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