Nebil Goksu

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The middle ear of guinea pigs has long been used for experimental studies, but no detailed information about its temporal bone anatomy is available. In 18 adult guinea pigs, the temporal bone, eustachian tube, and inner ear anatomy, in addition to the anatomy of the middle ear, were investigated under the dissection microscope. In addition to properties of(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to present our technique of posterior fossa surgery and to evaluate whether cerebellar retractors are needed. METHODS Since March 1989, more than 500 surgeries were performed through retrosigmoid approach, and our surgical technique was described. The data were evaluated whether or not cerebellar retractors were used(More)
OBJECTIVE We aimed to evaluate the results of our experience in vestibular nerve sectioning (VN), which was performed using combined retrosigmoid-retrolabyrinthine approach. STUDY DESIGN Medical records of 280 patients who were consecutively operated on for incapacitating peripheral vertigo were retrospectively evaluated, and 210 patients who completed 2(More)
Facial expression is the essential complementary of the verbal communication between humans. " Face is a window to the heart. " An ancient proverb tells us the importance of facial expression more than anything. When harmonic and symmetric movement of both sides of the face has lost, one is unable to express his emotion by distorted facial movement. This(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate the importance of endoscopes in eliminating the disadvantage of posterior fossa approach-that is, the lack of adequate visualization obtained of the lateral aspect of the internal acoustic canal (IAC). Over a 10-year period 32 patients underwent removal of acoustic neuroma (AN) via a combined retrosigmoid(More)
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