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Tremolite is the most commonly occurring of the amphibole asbestos minerals and is found in a wide range of geological environments. It is an early product of thermal metamorphism of dolomites with silica impurities and is a common contaminant of industrial talc and chrysotile asbestos. Tremolite is found in some countries in sufficient quantities for(More)
There are many environmental and biological factors on forestry practices as known. Aspect called as slope faces is one of the most important environmental factors in these practices because of its easy application for managers. Fertility variation defined as an individual ability to give progeny and gene diversity estimated based on effective number of(More)
Tree height, basal diameter, and survival were examined in thirteen-year-old provenance test established by 30 seed sources of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) at two exotic sites of the species in Southern part of Turkey. Variations within provenance and among provenances and relations among the traits were estimated to compare Scots pine provenance and(More)
Fertility variation and effective number of parents were estimated in the 100 individuals from each of three plantation populations (P1, P2 and P3) of the endangered Pinus nigra. subsp. pallasiana var. pyramidata established in the Isparta–Golcuk district in southern Turkey in 1990. Potential relations between cone yield and growth characters (height,(More)
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