Neasha Graves

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The idiopathic hypereosinophilic syndrome (HES) comprises a diverse group of diseases that may ultimately lead to multiorgan dysfunction and death. We present a case of a man who was followed for over 9 years with HES that underwent malignant transformation to acute leukemia with eosinophilic features. The patient's clinical acceleration was accompanied by(More)
Two pharmacoeconomic studies on the treatment of acute seizures have been conducted. In 1991, Kriel and colleagues surveyed parents of children with a history of cluster seizures, prolonged seizures, or status epilepticus who had been instructed in the use of rectal diazepam. A comparison of data before instruction with data after instruction showed a(More)
The temporal bones of a 2-year-old child who had drowned were examined histopathologically. The abnormalities were limited to the submucosa and lumen of the tympanomastoid space. Abnormalities included severe edema, vascular congestion, and focal ecchymosis without inflammation in the submucosa and hemorrhage into the tympanomastoid air space. To determine(More)
African American women suffer a disproportionately high burden of basal-like breast cancer, an aggressive subtype that has no targeted therapy. While epidemiologic research has identified key prevention strategies, little is known about how best to communicate risk to this population. This study explored women's knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes about(More)
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