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We introduce a new technique for fast computation of structural join "pattern trees" in XML. Using a small amount of pre-computed path information, typically small enough to fit easily in main memory, we are able to render structural join computation almost independent of data set size. Our technique is amenable to bit-mapped processing, leading to further(More)
Different models have been proposed recently for representing temporal data, tracking historical information and retrieving temporal queries results efficiently. We consider the problem of indexing temporal XML documents. In particular, we propose an indexing scheme that uses a summary structure and a matrix that captures the structural relationships as(More)
Opinions are considered a powerful source of market research. Social networks are the most popular mean for people to state their opinions about products and services. Companies invest in analysing their customers' opinions from multiple existing social media platforms. The knowledge extracted from social media contains sentiment data that is not included(More)
—Inspired by the great success of information retrieval (IR) style keyword search on the web, keyword search on XML has emerged recently. Existing methods cannot resolve challenges addressed by using keyword search in Temporal XML documents. We propose a way to evaluate temporal keyword search queries over Temporal XML documents. Moreover, we propose a new(More)
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