Neale Watson

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A study was made of the pattern of spinal cord injury in the elderly who are forming an ever-increasing proportion of our population. It was noted that the elderly patients had a higher incidence of cervical injuries than other age-groups with a much lower incidence of dorsal and lumbar injuries. The mortality rate in complete cervical injuries was very(More)
Arterio-venous shunting has been demonstrated in the limbs of ten subjects with traumatic quadriplegia, as shown by increased venous oxygen concentration and a Doppler sonogram pattern indicative of continuous forward flow. This phenomenon is similar to that seen in the diabetic neuropathic foot, suggesting that autonomic dysfunction is a major factor in(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of the 300 microg dose of a new chromatographically produced rhesus immunoglobulin (Rhophylac 300) for ante- and postnatal rhesus prophylaxis. DESIGN In an open-label multi-centre study, rhesus D (RhD)-negative women were randomly allocated to receive Rhophylac 300 either intravenously or(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether mammographic screening has affected the presentation of invasive breast cancer in Western Australia. DESIGN Population-based reviews of the presentation of all invasive breast cancers diagnosed in Western Australia in 1989 and 1994. SETTING Western Australia (population 1.8 million). Active recruitment of women aged 50-69(More)
Ileus is a common complication of spinal cord injury, resolving within one week of injury in most cases. Two cases are reported in which the ileus developed as a more serious later complication and proved to be very intractable to treatment. Causes and treatment are discussed.
Method Between April 2006 March 2015, 24 patients (22 male : 2 female; Age 15 33 years) presented to our institute with symptomatic Pectus Excavatum. All presented with symptoms of dyspnoea /fatigue/dysphagia. All patients underwent Prospective evaluation of exercise and anatomical characteristics by: Spirometry; Cardiopulmonary exercise tolerance (CPEX)(More)
A case of florid papillary necrosis is presented demonstrating the unusual and graphic feature of universal sloughed and calcified papillae, resulting in recurrent obstruction. Recognizing this entity from plain radiographs is important in not overlooking this potentially treatable cause of progressive renal failure.