Neale Hightower

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Large-scale natural disasters cause external disturbances to networking infrastructure that lead to large-scale network-service disruption. To understand the impact of natural disasters to networks, it is important to localize and analyze network-service disruption after natural disasters occur. This work studies an inference of network-service disruption(More)
Human land use legacies have significant and long lasting impacts across landscapes. However, investigating the impacts of ancient land use legacies (>400 years) remains problematic due to the difficulty in detecting ancient land uses, especially those beneath dense canopies. The city of Caracol, one of the most important Maya archaeological sites in(More)
We evaluated the effects of an 8-week progressive muscle-relaxation therapy regimen on the headache activity of 10 elderly tension-headache subjects. Posttreatment assessment at 3 months revealed significant decreases in overall headache activity (50% or greater) in 7 subjects. Significant clinical or statistical prepost differences, or both, were also(More)
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