Neal Young

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Telomeres and telomere repair are basic molecular features of cells possessing linear DNA chromosomes and defects in them result in various diseases. This review examines recent advances in understanding these diseases, particularly at a molecular level, and in relating telomere dysfunction to clinical diseases. We also discuss the potential role of(More)
Over the past decade, time series clustering has become an increasingly important research topic in data mining community. Most existing methods for time series clustering rely on distances calculated from the entire raw data using the Euclidean distance or Dynamic Time Warping distance as the distance measure. However, the presence of significant noise,(More)
Acknowledgments Firstly, I would like to thank my advisor Dr. Christian Shelton for his guidance and support. Christian helped me tremendously in creating this dissertation. He introduced me the sequential stopping problem and kindly let me be a co-author of the " Chained boosting " paper. Most importantly, he taught me to use the empirical risk principle(More)
We consider the following variant of Huffman coding in which the costs of the letters, rather than the probabilities of the words, are nonuniform: "Given an alphabet of r letters of nonuniform length, find a minimum-average.length prefix-free set of n codewords over the alphabet"; equivalently, "Find an optimal r-ary search tree with n leaves, where each(More)
Reconsider the competitiveness ofon-line strategies using k servers versus the optimal off-line strategy using h S k servers for the paging, weighted cache, and k-server problems. We show that when h < k the competitiveness of the marking algorithm, arandomized paging strategy, is no more than 2(ln ~ –lnln ~+~) when & > e, and at most 2 otherwise. We show(More)
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