Neal Snyderman

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Brainstem evoked potentials (BSEP) were recorded in 23 patients with adult sleep apnea (ASA). Three patients were studied with all-night polysomnography prior to our testing. They were categorized as having obstructive, central, or mixed sleep apnea depending on the predominant sleep findings. All patients with central sleep apnea had abnormal BSEP with(More)
A small segment of the facial nerve between its exit from the stylomastoid foramen and its entrance into the parotid is surrounded by fat and, therefore, can be imaged well using modern computed tomography. A small dot can be seen surrounded by fat just beneath the stylomastoid foramen on computed tomographic scan. To verify that this indeed represented the(More)
We present an approach to the skull base that allows access to both the infratemporal fossa and the middle cranial fossa with minimal morbidity. This approach is different from most of the previously described approaches in that it uses a preauricular incision, preserves the facial nerve, and avoids the mastoid bone. It involves dividing the zygomatic arch(More)
• A listing of the Symposia of the DNP, the invited speakers, and titles of their talks. • A nomination form for invited speakers. • A pre-registration form which includes workshops and banquet. • A housing form. By the deadline date of February 17, 1992, 709 properly identified ballots were received for the election of officers and members of the Executive(More)
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