Neal R. Garrett

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Necrotic bone exposure in the oral cavity has recently been reported in patients treated with nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates as part of their therapeutic regimen for multiple myeloma or metastatic cancers to bone. It has been postulated that systemic conditions associated with cancer patients combined with tooth extraction may increase the risk of(More)
This study examined the relationship between masticatory performance and oral stereognostic ability in 71 dentate individuals and 64 denture wearers. Stereognosis was evaluated in denture wearers with and without dentures in place. No significant differences (P > .05) were noted between the stereognostic scores of either group, with both groups correctly(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the accuracy of a 3D photographic imaging system for potential application in fabrication of maxillofacial prostheses. For validity estimates, computer digitized 3D photographic images of calibrated ruler attached to a model were analysed for linear and curvilinear distances in 1 mm increments (1-50 mm from the(More)
BACKGROUND After dental extraction, the external surface of alveolar bone undergoes resorption at various rates, and a group of patients develop excessive jawbone atrophy. Oral mucosa overlying the atrophied jawbone is unusually thin; therefore, we have hypothesized that excessive jawbone atrophy may be associated with abnormal oral mucosa contraction.(More)
The effects of four sequential modifications to improve occlusion, vertical dimension, retention, and stability of poorly fitting dentures, and of placing new dentures, on the EMG activity were investigated in 21 denture wearers with a mean age of 67.7 years. Electromyographic recordings of right and left masseter muscles were made while the subjects(More)
A cross-sectional study tested the hypothesis that denture wearers with superior and poor chewing ability use similar masseter muscle effort and biting forces during mastication. Masticatory performance tests on the preferred chewing side and swallowing threshold tests were conducted with peanuts and carrots in 70 denture wearers, 35 with superior (SP)(More)
This study compared the tactile sensitivity of splinted abutment and denture teeth of 16 fixed partial dentures (FPD) supported by blade implants and 16 removable partial dentures (RPD) in patients with Kennedy Class I and Class II edentulous conditions. No significant differences were noted between the tactile thresholds of the natural abutment teeth and(More)
This study demonstrated the feasibility and utility of fitting a Fourier function to the facial profile to accurately characterize changes in shape associated with aging, orthodontic or prosthodontic treatment, and orthognathic surgery. In contrast to conventional metric approaches, Fourier analysis provided a detailed measurement of the facial profile and(More)
This study evaluates the reliability of a method to duplicate the location of surface electrodes for recording the electromyographic activity of masseter muscles during mastication and quantifying the activity by a microcomputer system. A plastic framework consisting of a bite fork and electrode positioners was used to place the electrodes by relating the(More)
EMG recordings of ipsilateral and contralateral masseter muscles and standardized masticatory performance tests were made in 20 denture wearers before and after modifications were made to their clinically unsatisfactory dentures. The improvement of retention and stability by correction of gross occlusal prematurities and by the use of a denture adhesive or(More)
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