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  • Aashish Priye, Season Wong, Yuanpeng Bi, Miguel Carpio, Jamison Chang, Mauricio Coen +12 others
  • 2016
We introduce a portable biochemical analysis platform for rapid field deployment of nucleic acid-based diagnostics using consumer-class quadcopter drones. This approach exploits the ability to isothermally perform the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with a single heater, enabling the system to be operated using standard 5 V USB sources that power mobile(More)
Medication errors are a major concern in the Emergency Department (ED). We examined the epidemiology of medication prescribing errors among consecutive adult ED patients during two 10-day periods in the adult ED prior to implementing computerized provider order entry. 479 patients had no medication orders and 1,301 had 3,393 orders. Per 100 orders there(More)
INTRODUCTION Pediatric asthma exacerbations account for >1.8 million emergency department (ED) visits annually. Asthma guidelines are intended to guide time-dependent treatment decisions that improve clinical outcomes; however, guideline adherence is inadequate. We examined whether an automatic disease detection system increases clinicians' use of(More)
Suppression of gonadal testosterone synthesis represents the standard first line therapy for treatment of metastatic prostate cancer. However, in the majority of patients who develop castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC), it is possible to detect persistent activation of the androgen receptor (AR) through androgens produced in the adrenal gland or(More)
  • Young Suk Kwon, Yun-Sok Ha, Parth K. Modi, Amirali Salmasi, Jaspreet S. Parihar, Neal Patel +25 others
  • 2015
BACKGROUND The presence of lymph nodes (LN) within the prostatic anterior fat pad (PAFP) has been reported in several recent reports. These PAFP LNs rarely harbor metastatic disease, and the characteristics of patients with PAFP LN metastasis are not well-described in the literature. Our previous study suggested that metastatic disease to the PAFP LN was(More)
In this study, we describe the synthesis of mono- and bis-1H-1,2,3-triazole-tethered β-lactam–isatin conjugates using copper-catalysed azide-alkyne cycloaddition reaction between mono- and di-propargylated azetidin-2-ones and N-alkylazido isatins. The synthesized conjugates were evaluated for their preliminary in vitro analysis against Trichomonas vaginalis(More)
BACKGROUND Recently, three prospective randomized trials have shown that adjuvant radiotherapy (ART) after radical prostatectomy for the patients with pT3 and/or positive margins improves biochemical progression-free survival and local recurrence free survival. But, the optimal management of these patients after radical prostatectomy is an issue which has(More)
OBJECTIVE The use of evidence-based guidelines can improve the care for asthma patients. We implemented a computerized asthma management system in a pediatric emergency department (ED) to integrate national guidelines. Our objective was to determine whether patient eligibility identification by a probabilistic disease detection system (Bayesian network)(More)
With increasing scrutiny of prostate cancer (PCa) diagnosis and treatment, much attention has been given to the morbidity caused by radical prostatectomy (RP) and/or radiotherapy (RT). One of the most common side-effects of either treatment is erectile dysfunction (ED). Approximately, 40% of patients will experience ED after RT for PCa. The post-RT ED(More)