Neal M. Bengtson

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Operational analysis, an area of study first defined in the computer science field, has been used in the analysis of systems performance. System performance measures for a specific set of output data are obtained using operational analysis formulas derived from assumptions which are verifiable by the observed data. This paper gives relationships which may(More)
As hospital radiology departments expand their use of digitally formatted imaging devices, these machines will be connected in local area networks called Picture Archival and Communications Systems (PACS). The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the use of computer simulation to analyze the process of patients using a PACS. The flexibility of using(More)
In order to test the performance of various storage assignment policies of a miniload warehouse system a general simulation model was developed. Even though the system concept was relatively simple, the simulation model became quite complex. This is because there are numerous factors in the design and operation of even a simple, single aisle system which(More)
In this research, we have conducted a cost-effectiveness analysis to examine the relative importance of vaccination and self-isolation, with respect to the current H1N1 outbreak. We have developed a continuous-time simulation model for the spread of H1N1 which allows for three types of interventions: antiviral prophylaxis and treatment, vaccination, and(More)
Single elimination tournaments are used as a context for illustrating some basic probability concepts. An algorithm which automatically constructs a tournament, given team seeding, is presented. Probabilities of winning are calculated as a function of team seed and strength, both of which are selected by the user. This technique allows for easy(More)
Assumptions that are the basis for operational analysis models of devices have the characteristic that they can be proved to hold by observing the data. Error measures are defined for the main operational analysis assumptions. A method for deriving correction terms is described. These terms are functions of the error measures and can be used to get exact(More)
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