Neal Lane

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How do the risks and benefits of nanotechnology, as viewed by the public, compare with those associated with other technologies such as genetically modified organisms, stem cells, biotechnology and nuclear power? And when deciding to use a specific nanotechnology product, will consumers consider the risks, the benefits, or both? We report the first(More)
A s President Trump takes office, he has the enormous undertaking of making thousands of political appointments across the federal government, including nearly 800 nominations requiring Senate confirmation. Among his top priorities should be to nominate a science adviser and to staff the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), the single agency in(More)
T here is a growing and troubling assault on using credible scientific knowledge in U.S. government regulation that will put science and democracy at risk if unchecked. We present five examples, and the false premises on which they are based, of current attempts in the U.S. Congress in the supposed pursuit of transparency and accountability but at the(More)