Neal L. Evenhuis

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Fauna Europaea provides a public web-service with an index of scientific names (including important synonyms) of all extant multicellular European terrestrial and freshwater animals and their geographical distribution at the level of countries and major islands (east of the Urals and excluding the Caucasus region). The Fauna Europaea project comprises about(More)
Bombylisoma Rondani is a genus of bee flies belonging to the subfamily Bombyliinae (Hull, 1973). It is easily identified by the following characters: Head usually as broad as thorax; hind-margin of eyes indented; wings often small, narrowed at base with at least alula reduced; hind femora often without macrochaetae; body usually more elongate even narrow(More)
A new bombyliid species Marleyimyia xylocopae Marshall & Evenhuis, sp. n., an apparent mimic of the carpenter bee Xylocopa flavicollis (De Geer), is described from South Africa on the basis of photographs only. The pros and cons of species descriptions in the absence of preserved type specimens are discussed.
Here we summarize the known distributional data for the Hawaiian Scatella (Ephydridae). We report on four new island records; Scatellaamnica and Scatellastagnalis from Kauai, Scatellaoahuense from Lanai, and Scatellaterryi from Maui. A list of material present, comprising over 3100 individual specimen records in the collections of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop(More)
The dates of publication and exact titles of the 83 parts of the Zoology of the Report of the Scientific Results of the Voyage of H.M.S. Challenger During the Years 1873-76 are presented. Exact dates of publication for 71 of these parts have been determined using notices of their publication in contemporary publications. The dates of publication of the two(More)
A new species-group (the popeye group) of the mega-diverse dolichopodid genus Campsicnemus from French Polynesia is described to include six new species: C. craigi Evenhuis, sp. nov.; C. elinae Evenhuis, sp. nov.; C. meyeri Evenhuis, sp. nov.; C. moorea Evenhuis, sp. nov.; C. pectinatus Evenhuis, sp. nov.; and C. popeye Evenhuis, sp. nov. Keys to(More)
The genus Tovlinius Zaitzev is a Palaearctic genus with just one previously described species, Tovlinius albissimus Zaitzev. Tovlinius is here recorded from China for the first time, and two new species Tovlinius pyramidatussp. n. and Tovlinius turriformissp. n. are described and illustrated. A key to the genera of Bombyliinae from China and a second key to(More)
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