Neal Krawetz

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Molecular dynamics programs simulate the behavior of biomolecular systems, leading to understanding of their functions. However, the computational complexity of such simulations is enormous. Parallel machines provide the potential to meet this computational challenge. To harness this potential, it is necessary to develop a scalable program. It is also(More)
Spammers continually scan the Internet for open proxy relays: by using these open relays, they can obscure their originating IP address and remain anonymous. However, when a spammer comes across a service on a honeypot, that honeypot can collect valuable information about the spammer's true identity and help unmask it. In response to the threat that(More)
Parallel languages are tools for constructing eecient application programs, while reducing the required labor. In this light, using the most appropriate tool for each component of a complex system seems natural, resulting in multi-paradigm multilingual programming. The Converse system developed at Illinois addresses the issues involved in supporting(More)
Parallel molecular dynamics programs employing shared memory or replicated data architectures encounter problems scaling to large numbers of processors. Spatial decomposition schemes offer better performance in theory, but often suffer from complexity of implementation and difficulty in load balancing. In the program NAMD 2, we have addressed these issues(More)
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