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The yeast protein Spa2p localizes to growth sites and is important for polarized morphogenesis during budding, mating, and pseudohyphal growth. To better understand the role of Spa2p in polarized growth, we analyzed regions of the protein important for its function and proteins that interact with Spa2p. Spa2p interacts with Pea2p and Bud6p (Aip3p) as(More)
The widespread use of methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) as a gasoline additive has resulted in a large number of cases of groundwater contamination. Bioremediation is often proposed as the most promising alternative after treatment. However, MTBE biodegradation appears to be quite different from the biodegradation of usual gasoline contaminants such as(More)
3 INTRODUCTION Americans are increasingly sensitive to the conditions under which the foods they purchase and consume are raised. Further, consumers are incorporating environmental impacts, 1 animal welfare concerns, 2 and other process attributes 3 into food purchase decisions. More specifically, increased interest in production practices and technologies(More)
amphetamines were listed as Schedule II drugs, meaning that they have a high potential for abuse, and that such abuse leads to severe psychological or physical dependence. 1 Cocaine, opium, and morphine are examples of drugs that are listed in the same category. 2 Today, various forms amphetamines are prescribed to 1.5 million children annually in the(More)
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