Neal Feierabend

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We present a fast and statistically principled approach for land cover change detection. The approach is illustrated with a geographic application that involves analyzing remotely sensed data to detect changes in the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) in near real time. We use the Wal-Mart land cover change data set as a nontraditional way to(More)
We discovered an emerging non-metropolitan mortality penalty by contrasting 37 years of age-adjusted mortality rates for metropolitan versus nonmetropolitan US counties. During the 1980s, annual metropolitan-nonmetropolitan differences averaged 6.2 excess deaths per 100,000 nonmetropolitan population, or approximately 3600 excess deaths; however, by 2000 to(More)
Place is an integral part of human identity. Not only does place define where people are, but it also helps determine who they are. The basic methods of answering questions concerning locational features often fail to detail the relationships between one feature and another. It has become increasingly important for researchers to define and gain a deeper(More)
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