Neal D Hoffman

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PURPOSE Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth appear to be at higher risk for certain adverse health outcomes, and to have several personal, cultural and structural barriers to accessing healthcare. Little is known, however, about the experiences of LGBTQ youth with healthcare providers and healthcare services. Our goal was to(More)
This second part of a series on HIV treatment in adolescents aged 13 to 21 highlights the clinical challenges posed by physical and psychosocial development. Special challenges involve helping adolescents adjust to their HIV status and take their medications correctly. A description is provided of the REACH study (Reaching for Excellence in Adolescent Care(More)
This study describes an exchange assay for measurement of cytosolic and nuclear androgen receptors (AR) in human and dog prostates. Efficient replacement of endogenously bound ligand from the receptor with [3H] mibolerone was achieved by incubation of cytosolic or nuclear fractions at 0 degree C for 72 h in the presence of 0.15M NaSCN and 15% sucrose. It(More)
OBJECTIVES Adolescents with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection are at increased risk for tuberculosis (TB), underscoring the importance of early identification of TB infection. The goals of this study were to assess the factors associated with the completion of evaluations for TB in a cohort of HIV-positive adolescents and young adults and to(More)
  • N D Hoffman
  • Canadian journal of psychiatry. Revue canadienne…
  • 1984
A heterosexual couple, both with multiple prior hospitalizations, was hospitalized in the same room at the Douglas Hospital, Montreal. Both patients had previously been extremely difficult to treat. While this approach was instituted with wariness by the ward's staff, the hospitalization proved to be highly beneficial for the couple as well as having(More)
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