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Kuy alterities: The struggle to conceptualise and claim Indigenous land rights in neoliberal Cambodia
Based primarily on fieldwork with Kuy peoples in Rovieng District, Preah Vihear Province, this article examines contemporary Indigeneity in Cambodia as an emergent heterogeneous and polytheticExpand
From Spirit Forest to Rubber Plantation: The Accelerating Disaster of "Development" in Cambodia
Despite the rise of Cambodia’s GDP and other development indicators, continuing extreme poverty combined with very rapid conversion of traditional subsistence lands, forests, and waters into economicExpand
Peace Mapping and Indigenous Peoples
The prospect of stable peace seems so elusive today, eclipsed as it were by global mobilizations around other goals: economic growth and national security. Within the territories of many IndigenousExpand
Iroquois Art, Power, and History
Freedom of Religion and Indigenous Peoples
Kites in the highlands: articulating Bunong Indigeneity in Cambodia, Vietnam, and abroad
Bunong people from both sides of the Cambodia–Vietnam border are increasingly self-identifying as Indigenous peoples and claiming collective human rights as Indigenous peoples at internationalExpand