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The 39 th International Symposium on Microarchitecture is the premier forum for presenting, discussing, and debating new and innovative microarchitecture ideas and techniques for advanced computing and communication systems. The goals of this symposium are to bring together researchers in fields related to microarchitecture, compilers, and systems for(More)
Acknowledgments The U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA's) BioPreferred ® Program commissioned this report. The conclusions and recommendations are those of the authors and have not been endorsed by the USDA. We wish to thank the guidance and insights of Mr. Finally, the authors are grateful to the following organizations for providing guidance and(More)
The presence of albuminuria has long been recognized as an adverse prognostic feature in patients with renal disease: the patients with appreciable albuminuria are much more likely to develop tubulointerstitial scarring and fibrosis and progress to end-stage renal failure. For many years, it was thought that excess albuminuria was simply a marker of a more(More)
Apoptosis is an inborn process that has been preserved during evolution; it allows the cells to systematically inactivate, destroy and dispose of their own components thus leading to their death. This programme can be activated by both intra and extracellular mechanisms. The intracellular components involve a genetically defined development programme while(More)
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