Nazmus Sakib

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Nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) is a highly invasive and metastasis-prone epithelial cancer. The paucity of effective treatment strategies for recurrent and metastatic NPC is the major cause for stagnating survival rate of NPC. Therefore, it's urgent to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying NPC progression and identify novel avenues for targeted(More)
Swarm intelligence (SI) algorithms generally come from nature or biological behavior of nature. These algorithms use probabilistic search methods that simulate the behavior of biological entities or the natural biological evolution. Swarm intelligence (SI) is based on collective behavior of self-organized systems. Typical swarm intelligence algorithms(More)
—This work is related on two well-known algorithm, Improved Cuckoo Search and Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm which are inspired from nature. Improved Cuckoo Search (ICS) algorithm is based on Lévy flight and behavior of some birds and fruit flies and they have some assumptions and each assumption is highly observed to maintain their characteristics.(More)
This paper derives the impacts of early order commitments on the performance of many inventory policies used by retailers in a supply chain. Model parameters and operating conditions are emulated from a local business, supplying a standard product to its retailers. The purpose of this research work is to justify the two renowned heuristic models (Wagner(More)
This paper describes an on-line e-voting system security implementation to reduce attacks with the help of time stamping and hash function. E-voting is electronically voting process via Internet, it gaining popularity in applications that require high security. The system represents security analysis against large-scale attacks performed by rationally(More)
Essential feature of New Generation Networks (NGN) is the availability of many new services offered by several different players. Different applications and services have their own authentication method and use different credentials, more reliable, flexible and easy-to-use methods are needed. In this paper we concern about different security vulnerabilities(More)
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