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Nowadays, many services in the internet including Email, search engine, social networking are provided with free of charge due to enormous growth of web users. With the expansion of Web services, denial of service (DoS) attacks by malicious automated programs (e.g., web bots) is becoming a serious problem of web service accounts. A HIP, or Human Interactive(More)
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) is a highly invasive and metastasis-prone epithelial cancer. The paucity of effective treatment strategies for recurrent and metastatic NPC is the major cause for stagnating survival rate of NPC. Therefore, it's urgent to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying NPC progression and identify novel avenues for targeted(More)
Swarm intelligence (SI) algorithms generally come from nature or biological behavior of nature. These algorithms use probabilistic search methods that simulate the behavior of biological entities or the natural biological evolution. Swarm intelligence (SI) is based on collective behavior of self-organized systems. Typical swarm intelligence algorithms(More)
EBGSs, Electromagnetic Band Gap Structures, have been developed into the most prominent framework by virtue of their superior efficacy, less intricacy in fabrication, and unified integration with the monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs). In this letter, a certain number of advanced designs of EBGS are introduced and characterized with some(More)
Though natural droop control technique is a familiar technique to control the voltage and frequency droop in microgrid application, due to some limitations to handle different cases of application, at present time, it is not appreciable to the scientists and researchers world-wide and virtual droop control technique is developing into the most prominent(More)
In modern microwave design domain, Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) structures which is a unique innovation in consideration of high potential and low complication in designing with microwave integrated circuits. This article inspects the relationship between Tschebycheff polynomial distribution and operating behaviour of different substrates. A number of(More)
Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) structures which is an exclusive innovation in modern microwave design arena by reason of their high potential and less intricacy of designing in the microwave and millimeter-wave integrated circuits. This paper examines the relationship between the filling factor (FF) of the annular ring structure on couple-line and(More)
Electromagnetic Band Gap Structures (EBGs) have been developed to improve the efficiency of microwave and millimeter-wave devices, grown into most prominent framework by virtue of their unique electromagnetic and electrical properties. This article inspects the relationship between the operating performances of the low pass filter with the different EBG(More)