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Endemic malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) in Turkey is related to two mineral fibers, tremolite asbestos and fibrous zeolite (erionite). Thirteen cases of MPM from the Cappadocian area, where the soil is rich in erionite, and 29 cases of MPM, from villages whose occupants have high asbestos exposure, were examined by CT. The CT findings of the two groups(More)
A case-control study of 194 patients with bladder cancer and the same number of age- and sex-matched hospital controls were interviewed to estimate the role of various factors on the etiology of bladder cancer in Turkey. There was a significant difference between the case and control groups on cigarette smoking (p less than 0.001), alcohol intake (p less(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS The DNA mismatch repair gene human MSH2 shows a germline mutation in certain family members with hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer. There is an increased risk of colorectal cancer in patients with ulcerative colitis (UC) with extensive disease of > 8 years' duration; however, specific constitutional predisposing genetic(More)
Tremolite is the most commonly occurring of the amphibole asbestos minerals and is found in a wide range of geological environments. It is an early product of thermal metamorphism of dolomites with silica impurities and is a common contaminant of industrial talc and chrysotile asbestos. Tremolite is found in some countries in sufficient quantities for(More)
The purposes of the study were to determine the total cost of Ankara Emergency Aid and Rescue Services (EARS), to calculate the cost of a single ambulance response and the cost per patient responded to. A descriptive study was planned to find out the cost of Ankara EARS, conducted between 1 October 1995 and 30 September 1996. The main variables of the study(More)
BACKGROUND In 1996, Turkey made tobacco control a health priority. The tobacco control effort was extended in July 2009 with the expansion of the smoke-free law to include all enclosed workplaces and public places and, in January 2010, with a 20% increase in the Special Consumption Tax on Tobacco. METHODS Sales data were averaged, by month, for the period(More)
This study, performed in two phases, compared the smoking status of first- and last-year pharmacy students and identified underlying factors of smoking using both "quantitative" and "qualitative" research techniques. The quantitative phase was a cross-sectional study with 207 students (of these, 102 were first-year and 105 were last-year students). The mean(More)
INTRODUCTION This study aims at evaluation of the effect of smoke-free policy at hospitality workplaces on indoor air quality. MATERIALS AND METHODS Study includes 151 hospitality venues (restaurants, cafes, bars and tea-houses) at eight provinces of Turkey. PM2.5 measurements were done at each of the venues three months prior to, and 4-5 months after the(More)
The aim of this study was to determine various times related to the ambulance activities of Ankara Emergency Aid and Rescue Services (EARS) and if necessary contribute to the improvement of them. A descriptive study was planned to determine various times related to the ambulance activities of Ankara EARS. The data was collected by one of the researchers.(More)