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High overhead involved in flooding while route creation is a limiting factor of Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) protocol applied for mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). During data delivery, it seems that we fully benefit from DSR if the route is not long enough. In this paper, we propose two modifications of DSR algorithm to enhance its performance. In the(More)
Reversible logic have been motivated by consideration of zero-energy computation. Re-configurability and structural regularity of Programmable Logic Devices caused wide use of it by the logic designers. In this paper, we propose a design algorithm for a PLA (Programmable Logic Array) with a newly designed low cost 3 × 3 reversible NMG (New Mux Gate)(More)
Reversibility of logic module has eminent application in low power CMOS design, quantum computing, nanotechnology and optical computing. On the other hand, configurability of PLDs (Programmable Logic Devices) reduces NRE (Nonrecurring engineering) cost and makes faster design process that offers customer a wide range of logic capacity, features, speed and(More)
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