Nazish Aslam

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Physical layer network coding (PNC) is a promising technique used to improve the network throughput in a wireless two-way relay (TWR) channel. In this paper, the PNC technique is embraced for a TWR-free space optical (FSO) communication link for the full utilization of network resources. Such a scheme is particularly useful in situations where multiple(More)
Code compression has been applied to embedded systems to minimize the silicon area utilized for program memories, and lower the power consumption. More recently, it has become a necessity for multiple-issue architectures, such as VLIW and TTA, to permit a viable realization of these designs. In this paper, a code compression and decompression scheme(More)
This paper presents some of the results obtained by using a prototype algorithmic level design space exploration tool currently under development. The tool is based upon multi-objective evolutionary algorithms. The paper highlights the tool's benefits and discusses its current abilities in terms of its experimental applications.
This paper presents a code compression and on-the-fly decompression scheme suitable for coarse-grain reconfigurable technologies. A novel unit-grouping dictionary based compression technique utilizing special control bits to increase the effective storage capacity of the dictionaries is implemented and compared against an existing suitable technique for an(More)
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