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Keywords: Data envelopment analysis Frontier analysis Resource allocation Target setting Common set of weights a b s t r a c t Data envelopment analysis (DEA) is a data-driven non-parametric approach for measuring the efficiency of a set of decision making units (DMUs) using multiple inputs to generate multiple outputs. Conventionally , DEA is used in ex(More)
Keywords: Data envelopment analysis Fuzzy data Interval data Overall profit efficiency Profit Malmquist productivity index a b s t r a c t Although crisp data are fundamentally indispensable for determining the profit Malmquist productivity index (MPI), the observed values in real-world problems are often imprecise or vague. These imprecise or vague data(More)
  • Nazila Aghayi
  • 2016
Most DEA models were initially considered only for crisp desirable inputs and outputs, but in the real world data have imprecise value, fuzzy concept is too important as imprecise and undesirable data. Moreover, the decision making units may have been some inputs and outputs index such undesirable data. Therefore, in this study, we introduce a method to(More)
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