Nazibrola Lordkipanidze

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Retrospective clinical and mathematical analysis of 168 parameters was performed in 188 patients with arterial hypertension, using standard programmed case history format designed specifically for the purpose. A number of differential criteria were identified and their diagnostic informative value was assessed for each form of arterial hypertension. The(More)
Captopril was used in 21 patients with various forms of stable and malignant hypertension. In symptomatic hypertension the drug had a good antihypertensive effect. When applied in patients with essential hypertension caused by chronic diffuse glomerulonephritis or chronic pyelonephritis captopril neither increased pathological changes in the urine, nor(More)
Captopryl was used in 30 patients with different clinical forms of arterial hypertension (AH). Eight patients had the malignant arterial hypertension syndrome. Blood pressure became normal in 8, decreased in 9 and did not respond to hypotensive treatment in 2 patients. The drug was discontinued due to intolerance in 1 patient. In the course of captopryl(More)
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