Nazar Sushko

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Reaching a ground state of a spin system is analogous to a protein evolving into its native state. We study the " folding " times for various random Ising spin systems and determine characteristic temperatures that relate to the " folding ". Under optimal kinetic conditions, the " folding " times scale with the system size as a power law with a(More)
The dynamical chaos in Lennard-Jones toy models of heteropolymers is studied by molecular dynamics simulations. It is shown that two nearby trajectories quickly diverge from each other if the heteropolymer corresponds to a random sequence. For good folders, on the other hand, two nearby trajectories may initially move apart but eventually they come(More)
Recognition of emotions by face expression was studied in 20 healthy subjects and 20 patients with endogenous depression. Pictures of sad, laughing and neural faces were displayed on computer screen and administered to the center of the visual field and to the right or left visual hemifields during 40-160 ms. Healthy subjects demonstrated more accurate(More)
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