Nazar Hussain Malik

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The demand for energy is increasing as a result of the growth in both population and industrial development. To improve the energy efficiency, consumers need to be more aware of their energy consumption. In recent years, utilities have started developing new electric energy meters which are known as smart meters. A smart meter is a digital energy meter that(More)
Power distribution system relies heavily on a vast network of medium voltage (MV) underground cables for power delivery. Condition monitoring technologies can, therefore, play a vital role in attempting to target the cables that pose the most urgent reliability concerns. Maintaining or increasing a power system's reliability at minimal cost is an important(More)
Power transformers play a critical role in electric power networks. Such transformers can suffer failures due to multiple stresses and aging. Thus, assessment of condition and diagnostic techniques are of great importance for improving power network reliability and service continuity. Several techniques are available to diagnose the faults within the power(More)
A simple generalized approach, based on numerical evaluation of the Fourier coefficients, is presented to evaluate the comprehensive performance of three-phase phase-controlled thyristor ac voltage controllers. Three-phase balanced resistive and inductive loads of different power factors are considered. The method of solution adopted is simple, accurate,(More)
Wave propagation characteristics of partial discharge (PD) pulses in underground medium voltage cables are important when online PD monitoring system is implemented for cable diagnostics and condition assessment. There are three important parameters that can influence the wave propagation characteristics along a cable. These are the length of the cable,(More)
Advancement in demand side management strategies enables smart grid to cope with the ever increasing energy demand and provide economic benefit to all of it's stakeholders. Moreover, emerging concept of smart pricing and advances in load control can provide new business opportunities for demand side management service provider or aggregator. The aggregator(More)
Power cables are vulnerable to failure due to aging or defects that occur with the passage of time under continuous operation and loading stresses. PD detection and characterization provide information on the location, nature, form and extent of the degradation. As a result, PD monitoring has become an important part of condition based maintenance (CBM)(More)
Power system is generally protected from lightning strokes by surge arresters which are provided with a low earth resistance connection to enable the large currents encountered to be effectively discharged to the general mass of earth which offers some resistance to the flow of current. This earth resistance depends on electrode arrangements and the(More)
The efficient utilization of available energy resources is very important since the global demand of energy is increasing very rapidly due to global population growth and economic development. Tri-generation is one of the methods to increase the efficiency of generation with available resources. It is also a better solution to reduce the pollutants emission(More)
A fixed Filter-Thyristor Controlled Reactor (FF-TCR) type of compensator is proposed to improve the power factor of a single phase thyristor-controlled inductive load and it is shown that this compensator gives better power factor improvement than the more generally used FC-TCR type of compensator. Analysis is carried out for the exact equivalent circuit of(More)