Nazanin Mansouri

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Importance of addressing soft errors in both safety critical applications and commercial consumer products is increasing, mainly due to ever shrinking geometries, higher-density circuits, and employment of power-saving techniques such as voltage scaling and component shut-down. As a result, it is becoming necessary to treat reliability as a first-class(More)
The state space explosion problem is a hurdle in the acceptance of model checking as a viable tool for verification of large-scale designs. Abstractions may be used to simplify designs, while preserving target verification properties. We propose a simple methodology for abstracting away portions of the data path, thus rendering a large state-space model of(More)
This paper proposes a reliability-centric hardware/ software co-design framework. This framework operates with a component library that provides multiple alternates for a given task, each of which is potentially different from the others in terms of reliability, performance, and area metrics. The paper also presents an experimental evaluation of the(More)
We present a methodology for formal verification of scheduling phase of High-Level Synthesis (HLS) when speculative code motions are performed during this process. Verification relies on establishing functional equivalence between the result of scheduling and the behavioral specification of the design, using their FSMD models. We propose and formally define(More)
The purpose of the present study was to determine the effects of harmane, norharmane and harmine on the immobility time in the mouse forced swim test (FST) - an animal model of depression. After 30 min of the beta-carbolines injections, mice were placed individually in a vertical glass cylinder (height, 25 cm; diameter, 12 cm) containing water about 15 cm(More)
This paper presents a methodology for the formal verification of scheduling during High-Level Synthesis(HLS). A notion of functional equivalence between two Finite State Machines with Datapath (FSMDs) is defined, on the basis of which we propose a methodology to verify scheduling. The functional equivalence between the behavioral specification and the(More)
This study described the characteristics of mental health research from the Islamic Republic of Iran published from 1973-2002. Research articles in psychiatry, psychology and neuroscience published in local or international journals were drawn from IranPsych, a national database of research in mental health and related disciplines. Of 3113 articles, 21.8%(More)
Reliability decisions taken early in system design can bring significant benefits in terms of design quality. This paper presents a 0-1 integer linear programming (ILP) formulation for reliability-oriented high-level synthesis that addresses the soft error problem. The proposed approach tries to maximize reliability of the design while observing the bounds(More)