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Dirofilariosis is a zoonotic disease caused by several species of the genus of Dirofilaria. The causative agent initiates a dangerous canine disease reported from many parts of the globe. The parasites are transmitted by arthropods, which act either as a vector or intermediate hosts. In humans the parasites do not usually reach the adult stage but(More)
The aim of this study was to assess mortality and sequellae within cases from Nationwide survey of community acquired meningitis and identify risk factors for inferior outcome. Risk factors such as underlying disease (diabetes mellitus, cancer, trauma, neonatal age, splenectomy, alcoholism, sepsis, other infections), etiology, clinical symptoms and outcome(More)
This paper is prepared to indicate the core concepts of commercialization. The study scrutinized the commercialization literature firstly and recognized 31 effective factors by means of content analysis. Then, the recognized factors were categorized in the five main groups which include: research-oriented, industry-oriented, government, technology parks and(More)
The present paper aims to analyze the online entrepreneurship education program and its role in developing online business, specifically in Iran. Seeking cost effective strategies from governors as well as developing ICT infrastructures makes it imperative to study how Internet-based methods could help to educate entrepreneurs in Iran. Accordingly, the(More)
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