Nazan S Sivrioglu

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BACKGROUND Cutaneous horns (cornu cutaneum) are uncommon lesions consisting of keratotic material resembling that of an animal horn. Cutaneous horn may arise from a wide range of the epidermal lesions, which may be benign, premalignant or malignant. PATIENTS AND METHODS In this respective study, we describe our experience of eleven patients with cutaneous(More)
Keloid scars are one of the most challenging problems for physicians and surgeons. These scars have been treated in many ways, with varying success. Verapamil is a widely used calcium channel antagonist, and it has been shown that calcium channel blockers inhibit the synthesis/secretion of extracellular matrix molecules, including collagen,(More)
A lot ofotoplasty techniques have been developed during the past years. However, there is no single perfect technique which is worldwide accepted. We present our assessment of a Chong-Chet anterior scoring technique for the correction of prominent ears which we applied in 30 patients between 2005 and 2010. This study is a report of creating a natural fold(More)
BACKGROUND Trauma and lipoma are the most frequently met occurrences in clinical routine. Although lipomas are well-known fatty tumors both clinically and pathologically, the precise etiology is still unknown. Generally, posttraumatic lipomas are known as "pseudolipoma," which describes herniation of deeper fat through Scarpa's layer secondary to trauma.(More)
Background: Clitoromegaly is a frequent congenital malformation, but acquired clitoral enlargement is relatively rare. Methods: Two acquired clitoromegaly cases treated in Atatürk Training Hospital, Izmir, Turkey are presented. Results: History from both patients revealed clitoromegaly over the last three years. Neither gynecological nor systemic(More)
BACKGROUND Breast augmentation is one of the most common esthetic procedures with increasing frequency throughout the past years. The most demanding complications involving esthetic and reconstructive breast surgery are the malpositioning of the implant and capsular contracture. The etiology, prevention, and management remain to be fully explained.(More)
Prominent ears are the most common aesthetic abnormality of the external ear. Mustardè sutures and conchal setback are usually used for otoplasty, additional various cartilage-manipulation methods are also presented. One adjunctive technique that is often used involves the elevation of a fascial flap beneath which is sutured for additional cover,(More)
Condom catheters are often used in the management of male urinary incontinence, and are considered to be safe. As condom catheters are placed on the male genitalia, sometimes adequate care is not taken after placement owing to poor medical care of debilitated patients and feelings of embarrassment and shame. Similarly, sometimes the correct size of penile(More)