Nazan S Sivrioglu

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BACKGROUND Cutaneous horns (cornu cutaneum) are uncommon lesions consisting of keratotic material resembling that of an animal horn. Cutaneous horn may arise from a wide range of the epidermal lesions, which may be benign, premalignant or malignant. PATIENTS AND METHODS In this respective study, we describe our experience of eleven patients with cutaneous(More)
Background: Reconstruction of the defects after surgical resection of tumors is one of the important issues in surgical oncology. It is essential that the defect should be covered with a tissue quite similar to the original one and is best achieved by harvesting tissue from an area adjacent to the defect. Tissue expansion is one of the most frequently used(More)
Background: Difficulty of reconstruction of the eyelids arises from the need to reconstruct different supporting and covering structures in a single operation. Defects in the anterior lamella of the eyelids can be readily repaired with skin grafts or flaps but posterior lamellar reconstruction needs more complex applications.
  • İkizlerde Fleksör, Pollisis Longus, Tendonunun İleri, Derecede Hipoplazisi, Nazan Sivrioğlu
  • 2014
Özet Fleksör pollisis longus (FPL) tendonunun ileri derecede hipoplazisi literatürde nadir karşılaşılan bir anomalidir. Bu çalışmada, 2.5 yaşında ikiz kardeşler sunuldu. İlginç olarak, her iki kardeşte FPL tendonunun belirgin hipoplazisi saptandı ve eşlik eden başka bir anomali yoktu. Fizik muayene ve manyetik rezonans görüntüleme ile bir-likte olgular(More)
Background: Reconstruction of the head and neck after adequate resection of primary tumor and neck dissection is a challenge. It should be performed at one sitting in advanced tumors. Defects caused by the resection should be closed with flaps which match in color, texture and hair bearing characteristics with the face. Cervicopectoral flap is a one such(More)
BACKGROUND Latissimus dorsi musculocutaneous flap is one of the most frequently performed reconstructive techniques in surgery. Latissimus dorsi muscle has two arcs of rotation. It is classified as type V muscle. This muscle can be elevated on the thoracodorsal artery to cover large defects in the anterior chest and also, the muscle can be elevated on the(More)
Although congenital double lip deformity is not an uncommon condition, this deformity was presented rarely in the literature. Congenital double lip deformity may be present either as an isolated anomaly or a component of a syndrome. However less than twenty reports were presented in the literature, males were affected predominantly and pathogenesis of this(More)
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