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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES In this study, our goal was to compare intraoperative and postoperative analgesic effects of lornoxicam and fentanyl when added to lidocaine Intravenous Regional Anesthesia (IVRA) in a group of outpatients who underwent hand surgery. METHODS This is a double blind randomized study. A total of 45 patients were included, randomized(More)
Achalasia is an uncommon dysfunctional neuromus-cular disease of the oesophagus. General anaesthesia might be required for its diagnosis and treatment. During the anaesthesia, complications such as oesoph-agus dilatation-perforation and tracheal aspiration in oesophagus content might be seen. In order to ensure the security of the respiratory tract, rapid(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this retrospective study was to review placenta previa cases and determine the prognostic factors effective on morbidity and mortality and to evaluate the strategy of anesthetic management. MATERIAL AND METHODS 65 women with placenta previa scheduled for elective or emergency cesarean sections from 2004 to 2009 were examined. Patient(More)
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