Nayzak T Raoof

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The effects of 2-dosage regimens of tranexamic acid (10 mg/kg and 15 mg/kg) on blood loss and transfusion requirement were compared to saline placebo in 60 patients undergoing concurrent bilateral total knee arthroplasty, with additional reinfusion autotransfusion from intraarticular drains. Mean blood loss was 462 mL in 15 mL/kg group, 678 mL in 10 mg/kg(More)
1. The trans-membrane migration ratio (TMMR) technique is a simple method for quantitating and comparing the effect of drugs on sperm motility. 2. The ultrafilter membrane (Nucleopore) used allows mixing between the solutions on either side resulting in 21-fold dilution of a drug initially mixed with semen. 3. The concentration of drug originally mixed with(More)
Lithium is a widely prescribed drug used for the treatment of bipolar affective illness. Previous reports on its effects on sperm motility and male fertility are conflicting. The effect of lithium on human sperm motility was examined in vitro using the modified transmembrane migration method. This technique takes account of the dilution of lithium that(More)
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