Nayyab Zia Naqvi

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Factors leading to acute renal failure (ARF) were analysed in 376 consecutive patients between January 1993 and December, 1994 in a Karachi centre. Two hundred and sixteen (57%) had medical conditions, 86 (24%) obstetrical, 28 (7%) obstructive, 18 (5%) surgical and in 28 (7%) the causes were uncertain. Within the medical group, the causes were diarrhoea(More)
Cloud computing is still surfing the hype wave of emerging technologies. Delivering hardware, software and resources as a service over the network, the paradigm is also attracting a good deal of excitement in the mobile computing space. In this work, we challenge the proclaimed benefits of mobile cloud computing using smartphones as thin clients to access(More)
In an era where ubiquitous systems will be mainstream, users will take a more passive role and these systems will have to make smart decisions on behalf of their users. Automating these decisions in a continuously evolving dynamic context can be challenging. First of all, the right thing to do usually depends on the circumstances and context at hand. What(More)
The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly gaining ground as can be witnessed by the pervasive presence of the many things or objects around us that turn our surroundings into intelligent environments. These objects interact on a large scale in wired and wireless sensor and actuator networks using advanced communication protocols. Hence, IoT is an open ended(More)
The resource limitations of mobile devices continue to impose constraints on the development of complex mobile applications. Performance and resource efficiency remains a challenge. We have examined resource utilization and performance trade-offs when extending an Augmented Reality (AR) application with context-awareness and cloud computing. The hypothesis(More)
Mobile Cloud Computing is an active research domain to investigate the ways of achieving a federation between mobile computing and cloud computing. Whereas, Ambient Intelligence aims to teach our mobile devices how to behave smart in our environment, narrowing the gap between people, their devices and the environment. These two domains behave as backbone(More)
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