Nayef Baker

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PURPOSE Motion is a major confound of image quality in MRI. A method of retrospectively correcting the effects of rotations and translations on the acquired k-space data is presented. METHODS In two phantom experiments of well-controlled translation and rotation, two MRI-compatible infrared cameras recorded motion data that were used subsequently to(More)
We have determined rates of fatty acid (FA) synthesis from glucose carbon and all two-carbon units in control mice and in mice bearing Ehrlich ascites carcinomas. Using [U-14C]glucose and 3H2O as tracers under three nutritional conditions (24-hr fasted, 24-hr fasted-refed, and ad libitum fed-refed), we found that lipogenic regulatory mechanisms in adipose(More)
Oxidation of free fatty acids (FFA) by Ehrlich ascites tumor in mice was studied in vivo by the direct measurement of 3H2O formed from [9,10-(3)]palmitate. The FFA tracer complexed to serum albumin was injected i.p. into unanesthetized mice, and blood plasma 3H2O was measured at different time points for 30 min. The contribution of 3H2O by desaturation of(More)
We have examined previously reported age-related defects in triglyceride synthesis from [1-14C]palmitate in adipose tissue of mice. Three techniques were used: in vitro, using adipocytes isolated from epididymal fat pads of young and old mice; and in vivo, using two new methods to measure free fatty acid (FFA) esterification by adipose tissue (direct(More)
A staining technique based upon the known ability of tannic acid to selectively stain the outer layer of the triple-layered plasma membrane was used, along with electron microscopic examination of stained, serial sections, to differentiate between surface invaginations, clusters of invaginations, free vesicles and tubular channels in epididymal fat pads(More)
We are interested in membrane phospholipid and triglyceride synthesis and turnover in aging cells. As a preliminary, short-term feasibility study we have used an established in vivo-in vitro technique to estimate the initial rates of [1-14C] palmitate (complexed to albumin) esterification to triglycerides and phospholipids in adipocytes and non-adipocytes(More)
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