Nayeb Uddin Khan

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Khan, Md Abdul Maleq. Ph.D., Purdue University, December, 2007. Distributed Approximation Algorithms for Minimum Spanning Trees and Other Related Problems with Applications to Wireless Ad Hoc Networks. Major Professor: Gopal Pandurangan. Due to the advent of various advanced network technologies, distributed algorithms have become an important and rapidly(More)
In this paper we survey some of the most prominent published literature in facial expression recognition system published in the last six years. This paper analyses the research work done so far, and tries to evaluate each on composite parameter basis that spans from performance to recognizing facial expressions. There is an attempt to estimate the best(More)
This research paper gives an in-depth knowledge of an algorithm to predict the secondary structure of protein from its amino acid sequence. Our purpose is to explain how this training algorithm is useful in finding unknown parameters for Hidden Markov Model. Since the strings which are output by the machine can be the result of more than one state(More)
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