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BackgroundSocio-economic, demographic factors and Knowledge Attitude Practices (KAPs) have been recognized as critical factors that influence the incidence and transmission of dengue epidemics.(More)
BackgroundComprehensive understanding of risk factors related to socio-economic and demographic status and knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) of local communities play a key role in the design(More)
BackgroundStudies of host preference patterns in blood-feeding anopheline mosquitoes are crucial to incriminating malaria vectors. However, little information is available on host preferences of(More)
INTRODUCTION Selection of the artificial membrane feeding technique and blood meal source has been recognized as key considerations in mass rearing of vectors. METHODOLOGY Artificial membrane(More)
Background. Malaria was an endemic problem in Trincomalee District, Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. Very few recent data concerning Anopheles are available which transmit malaria. Therefore, the aim(More)