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Though silicon tunnel field effect transistor (TFET) has attracted attention for sub-60 mV/decade subthreshold swing and very small OFF current (I OFF), its practical application is questionable due to low ON current (I ON) and complicated fabrication process steps. In this paper, a new n-type classical-MOSFET-alike tunnel FET architecture is proposed,(More)
A new Hydrogel containing silver Sulfadiazine (SSD) was developed for enhanced burns wound healing. The hydrogel was prepared by cross-linking of PVA and Chitosan by freeze thawing method. Their gel properties, moisture retaining capacity, fluid uptake capacity, in vitro release study, in vivo burn healing effect were evaluated. Chitosan and PVA cross(More)
A simple, rapid, and precise high-performance thin-layer chromatographic method was developed for quantitative estimation of luteolin and apigenin in Premna mucronata Roxb., family Verbenaceae. Separation was performed on silica gel 60 F254 HPTLC plates using toluene : ethyl acetate : formic acid (6 : 4 : 0.3) as mobile phase for elution of markers from(More)
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