Nayak Udaya Kumar

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The present study concerned with the development and characterization of metronidazole microcapsules prepared by thermal change method using different ratios (1:1, 1:2 and 1:4) of ethyl cellulose in order to select the best microcapsule formulation with a good encapsulation efficiency and drug release profile. The obtained microcapsules were discrete,(More)
Optimized concentration of reduced graphene oxide (rGO) in the lube is one of the important factors for effective lubrication of solid body contacts. At sufficiently lower concentration, the lubrication is ineffective and friction/wear is dominated by base oil. In contrast, at sufficiently higher concentration, the rGO sheets aggregates in the oil and weak(More)
We present an analytical treatment of the dissipative-stochastic dynamics of a charged classical particle confined biharmonically in a plane with a uniform static magnetic field directed perpendicular to the plane. The stochastic dynamics gives a steady state in the long-time limit. We have examined the orbital magnetic effect of introducing a parametrized(More)
Based on the classical Langevin equation, we have revisited the problem of orbital motion of a charged particle in two dimensions for a normal magnetic field crossed with or without an in-plane electric bias. We are led to two interesting fluctuation effects: First, we obtain not only a longitudinal "work-fluctuation" relation as expected for a barotropic(More)
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