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Most masses encountered within the scrotal sac are neoplastic and occur within the testis; however a subset (2-3%) of these tumours is extra-testicular and usually arises from paratesticular tissue. Although uncommon, these tumours have a high incidence of malignancy reaching 30%, mainly represented by sarcomas (90%). Tumours occurring in the paratesticular(More)
BACKGROUND Bone metastasis is very frequent in prostate cancer. It is a turning point that marks the severity of the disease. Before metastasis become symptomatic, treatment preventing bone events should be indicated. AIM To evaluate the role of bisphosphonate in the treatment of bone metastases from prostate cancer. METHODS A review of literature. (More)
Le cancer de la thyroïde est un cancer hormono-dépendant radio-sensible dans ses formes différenciées. Le traitement chirurgical de la tumeur primitive constitue le temps essentiel du traitement. L’iode radioactif le complète en cas de résidus cervicaux ou de métastases extraganglionnaires. Le but de cette étude est d’évaluer l’efficacité de ce traitement(More)
AIM We report a case of concomitant ureteral transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) developed in a circumcaval ureter associated to an invasive bladder cancer. CASE Diagnosis was made by intravenous urography (IVU) and contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) scanner which showed a typical 'J' shaped deformity in the dilated proximal ureteric segment with(More)
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