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The Determinants of Corporate Dividend Policy in Pakistan
The objective of this study is to identify the significant determinants of firms’ dividend policy across different sectors in Pakistan. Using data on 75 companies listed on the KSE 100 index for the
Size, Diversification and Risk: Preliminary Evidence from Commercial Banks in Pakistan
The aim of this paper is to provide some preliminary evidence on relation between size, diversification and risk in commercial banks of Pakistan. Using a panel of Pakistani banks, we investigated
Asset Prices, Financial Stability and Monetary Policy
Controlling inflation has long been the core objective of most of the central banks to attain other macroeconomic goals and sustainability. However, price stability does not guarantee against
Size and Value Premium in International Portfolios: Evidence from Fifteen European Countries
The current study evaluates the performance of the Fama and French three-factor model in a global setting with stocks selected from 15 European countries. We employed the multivariate regression
Interest Rate Spreads in an Emerging Economy: The Case of Pakistan’s Commercial Banking Sector
Abstract This paper explores the determinants of interest rate spreads in Pakistan’s commercialbanking sector in post transition period (2004 – 2009) using an exhaustive set of macro andfirm level
Size and Value Premium in Karachi Stock Exchange
This study evaluates the ability of the Fama and French Three Factor model to explain a cross section of stock returns in the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE). Following Fama and French factor approach,
Investing through mutual funds has gained interest in recent years as it offers optimal risk adjusted returns to investors. The Indian market is no exception and has witnessed a multifold growth in