Nawaz Mohamudally

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Intelligent mobile agents are today accepted as powerful tools for data mining in a distributed environment. The use of data mining algorithms further beefs up the intelligence in software agents. Knowledge discovery and data mining algorithms are applied to discover hidden patterns and relations in complex datasets using intelligent agents. The distributed(More)
The past decade has witnessed a rapid growth of mobile services and subscriptions around the globe, so much so that mobile technology seems to bridge the digital divide very much faster than traditional desktop PCs. Educationalists and institutions have quickly seized the opportunities offered by the mobile technology and numerous pilot projects, each one(More)
Clustering is a technique in data mining to find interesting patterns in a given dataset. A large dataset is grouped into clusters of smaller sets of similar data using k-means algorithm. Initial centroids are required as input parameters when using k-means clustering algorithm. There are different methods to choose initial centroids, from actual sample(More)
Nowadays, an appropriate distribution and management of load across the various systems in distributed environment is indispensable due to the heavy load of users' requests particularly on the main server. The problem of congestion and slow processing of user requests can be solved by using a suitable Load-Balancer which helps the user to get faster and(More)