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Tea (Camellia sinensis, Theaceae) is the second most consumed beverages in the world, next to water in terms of worldwide popularity. The chemical components of green tea chiefly include polyphenols, caffeine, and amino acids. Green tea is rich in catechins, of which (−)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate is the most abundant. As described in literature, green tea(More)
Transdermal drug delivery (TDD) is a non-invasive route of drug administration, although its applications are limited by low skin permeability. It is an attractive alternative technique over the conventional techniques for administration of systemic approaches. For both local and systemic effects skin is the major site of application. However, to penetrate(More)
Oral drug delivery route is the most preferable route of drug delivery. It is due to various advantages of this route like ease of administration, patient compliance and flexibility in the formulations. Oral dosage form has really progressed from immediate release to site-specific delivery. The recent scientific and patented literature concluded that an(More)
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