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Cloud services are exploding and organizations are converging their data centres in order to take advantage of the predictability, continuity, and quality of service delivered by virtualization technologies. In parallel, energy-efficient and high-security networking is of increasing importance. Network operators, service and product providers require a new(More)
Frequent pattern mining has been successfully applied to a broad range of applications, however, it has two major drawbacks, which limits its applicability to several domains. First, as the traditional 'exact' model of frequent pattern mining uses a strict definition of support, it limits the recovery of frequent itemset patterns in real-life data sets(More)
BACKGROUND An important analysis performed on microarray gene-expression data is to discover biclusters, which denote groups of genes that are coherently expressed for a subset of conditions. Various biclustering algorithms have been proposed to find different types of biclusters from these real-valued gene-expression data sets. However, these algorithms(More)
Biomarker discovery for complex diseases is a challenging problem. Most of the existing approaches identify individual genes as disease markers, thereby missing the interactions among genes. Moreover, often only single biological data source is used to discover biomarkers. These factors account for the discovery of inconsistent biomark-ers. In this paper,(More)
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